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The Southern Crescent District is in the Atlanta Area Council, serving Scouts, Leaders and Parents in Clayton County and South Fulton County. See the BeAScout website for location and contact information for Cub Scout Packs (Kindergarten through 5th Grade are Cub Scouts), Scouts BSA Troops (end of 5th Grade to age 18), and Venturing Crews. 

For an overview of Scouting, see this "We Are Scouts" video or this Pack 1030 animoto; or this "What Scouting Does Right" video; or this one about Cub Scout Camping and Outdoor Activities!  Or this one from a Michigan Troop (the activities depicted have been done by local Troops too!), or these.  Deciding between Sports and Scouts (you can do both):  see this clip.  Like us on our Facebook Page! And see the District Flickr Photo Site.  Need more information? Please contact:

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Atlanta Area Council Den and Pack Program Resources

Posted on Nov 28 2023 - 4:29pm

We hope that your Den and Pack Cub Scouting programs are rolling along well, and we want to be sure you are aware of resources to help you and your families have a fun, exciting and rewarding Cub Scout program in the months to come.  Here are some key Cub Scout Resources from the Atlanta Area Council (and the Southern Crescent District) to keep you on that trail -- plus some also that generate out of this website:

Cub Scout Advancement Resources.  For many Dens and Packs, the activities involved in – and recognition coming out of – the Advancement program is the biggest part of your Cub Scout year.  The Atlanta Area Council Cub Scout Advancement page at www.atlantabsa.org/CubScoutAdvance and the Rank by Rank (and Adventure by Adventure) pages that link from it have useful information not just for leaders, but for all parents to help lead their Scouts -- these are also found on our Cub Scout Adventure Pages with even more helpful information.  Those Adventure by Adventure pages include a variety of plans showing how to complete an adventure (every Adventure page has the multi-meeting plans from the applicable Den Leader guide as well as simpler “streamlined” and/or family led plans to make Adventures easier to lead), videos (both from the National BSA sites and the AAC Scouting on Demand resources), and other helpful tips and website pages to make you smarter than a Cub Scout!

Other Activity Ideas.  On this Southern Crescent Website, you'll find a compendium of activity ideas, with separate pages for fun simple easy activitieslocal parks, nature centers and bike trails to visit (there are lots of them), the Great Big List of Places to Go and Things to Do, and service project ideas.  And any fun den or pack activity can be a recruiting event ... more in our Recruiting Ideas pages.

Cub Scout “Launch” Resources – Kits and Parties.  Your new Cub Scouts may have talked about the “Launch Kit” they’ve received with items like headlamp, water bottle, first aid kit, terrarium, robot, yoyo, and more – see www.atlantabsa.org/ScoutingOnDemand for a picture of the great goodies.  And they’re getting an introduction to Cub Scouting through Cub Scout videos found at www.atlantabsa.org/CubScoutLaunch that cover Scout Life, Camp Life, and Family Life – you might want to see what they see (and see if you recognize any of the actors). 

Cub Scout Camping Resources.  Videos, checklists, and other resources – like how to reserve campsites at Atlanta Area Council camps – are found at www.atlantabsa.org/campondemand as part of the Scouting on Demand resources.   

Scout Days and Nights.  See www.atlantabsa.org/scoutdays for upcoming opportunities.

More Program Ideas.  See www.atlantabsa.org/program-planning for some solid resources, where we once found – for Cub Scout leaders – the Cub Scouts Plan your Best Year Ever! resource page and video with ideas about many places you can go and activities you can do as a Den or Pack. 

Training Opportunities.  Cubs need leaders.  Trained leaders.  See www.atlantabsa.org/training for more. 

Most of our Districts have events and resources that might be useful to you – see your Southern Crescent District Website Guide and for other Districts, see www.atlantabsa.org/districts

Opt In, Opt Out

Posted on Nov 28 2023 - 4:28pm

If you're no longer involved or interested in Scouting and you want to "opt out" of these messages, email the Webmaster and we'll drop you from the list.  But If you want to be "all in" on Scouting, see our Leader Training page (good resources for parents too through the National On Line Training site at ScoutingU with the same login as at My.Scouting.Org), and if you want the login codes, just email the Webmaster ... 

Last Week's District News ...

Posted on Nov 28 2023 - 4:28pm

Highlights of the most recent District News were these (click links for information):  Scouter Gone Home: Jesse Winfrey Sr. ... and from the week before: Cub Scout Program Updates Announced ...  Atlanta Area Council Scouts BSA Troop Program Resources ... Service Ideas: Service Projects and Simple Ways to Help ... Email webmaster@southfultonscouting.com if you need a reminder about the login.

Scouter Gone Home ... Jesse Winfrey Sr.

Posted on Nov 21 2023 - 7:57pm

Seen on Facebook is the sad news of the passing of longtime District Scouter Jesse Winfrey Sr., April 4, 1947 - November 15, 2023.    

Born and raised in, and longtime resident of, Hapeville, Jesse was a Vietnam Veteran and longtime Tech for Southern Bell.  Jesse and Bonnie were longtime, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers for Scouting in the Tri-Cities area and beyond.  Always smiling and cheerful.  Jesse received the Silver Beaver award in 2012.  District Records show that Jesse received the District Award of Merit in 2001 (a year after Bonnie received that award), and the "Silver Possum" District Award in 2007 (a year before Bonnie received that award).  Bonnie coordinated the District Uniform and Gear Bank for years, among other service involvements.

Father of 4, Grandfather of 8, Jesse was the Chaplain of the District for many years.  A testimony in his own hand of the profound impact Scouting had on his life -- and his faith -- was shared by his family, and is now shared with you in the attachment so that his impact may live on in a new way.  Click below, but the attachment reads:

Although I had attended Church since I was born, I really found Christ on a mountain top at the old Bert Adams Camp in Vinings, GA.  I was in the Boy Scouts on a camping trip and the beauty of the mountains and skyline of Atlanta in 1960 made me realize all of his handiwork and I also wanted to be part of it.  I was 12 years at the time and although I have failed him many times, he has never failed me -- so because of Christ I can show others his life through me.  //S// Jesse M. Winfrey

Condolences to Bonnie and the family and all who knew Jesse.  It appears that arrangements may be through Donehoo-Lewis Funeral Home in Hapeville. 

Last Week's District News ...

Posted on Nov 20 2023 - 9:58am

Highlights of the most recent District News were these (click links for information): Cub Scout Program Updates Announced ...  Atlanta Area Council Scouts BSA Troop Program Resources ... Service Ideas: Service Projects and Simple Ways to Help ... and from the week before: Atlanta Area Council Den and Pack Program Resources ... District Annual Business Meeting - Results ... Opt In, Opt Out ... Email webmaster@southfultonscouting.com if you need a reminder about the login.

Cub Scout Program Updates Announced

Posted on Nov 14 2023 - 3:07pm

The Cub Scout advancement program will be updated for the 2024-25 program year -- so, effective June 1 or the 2024-25 School Year/Program Year.  Initial Details are posted here:  www.scouting.org/program-updates/cub-scout-program-updates-announced/

Things You Need To Do Now About This: 

Things You Should NOT Do Related To This: 

  • Don't "over-stock" loops and pins and Handbooks, because the Handbooks will change for sure, and many of the loops and pins will change next year for the 2024-25 School Year/Program Year.
  • Don't "hand down" your 2023 "Rank Meeting Plans" to next year's den leaders ... the Advancement Plan for the 2024-25 School Year/Program Year will be significantly different.

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